About This Author

As the founder of the AmericanRenaissanceLobby, supraTruth is dedicated to the principle that our nation needs to be a balance of finely tuned government regulation and tax-cut incentive capitalism balanced with unions to represent the concerns of the middle class and other working people and to promote the following Platform of the AmericanRenaissanceLobby :

A. Tax support for Mining of the Landfills AND Garbage to Energy Plants to produce both electricity & ethanol

B. Tax support for Development of PersonalMultiModalModularMonorailMaglevTransit --- PersonalMagTransit (PMT) --- the Internet of Transportation

C. Tax support for Development Of PowerTowers --- VerticalWindTurbineCylinderGeneratorsWithClosedSystemActiveStirlingSolarEnergyGenerators On Top

D. Tax support for Development Of Wave&TidalEnergyGenerators And

E. Tax support for Development Of Water Desalinization Plants

F. Promotion Of Recreational And Residential Man-Made Lakes

G. Promotion Of Towerplexes

H. Promotion Of Factory Farming

I. Stabilization Of The Federal Discount Rate (between 1 & 3 %)

J. Legalization, Regulation & Taxation of Marijuana & All Drugs In Concert With Alcohol & Cigarettes

K. Tax Reform (MORE income tax brackets rather than fewer & a clean-up of conflicting tax language)

L. Maintaining & strengthening Social Security; the goal is to allow Americans the comfort to invest in stock markets and other business ventures with the knowledge that at the end of their lives they will at least have something even if their investments do not succeed

M. A Public Option for Health Insurance

N. Support for ALL levels of Public education including colleges & trade schools

We are all searching for the supraTruth, that ALL ENCOMPASSING truth; collecting different perspectives into a WHOLE.